AUDIO: Lawmakers honor Rep. Bill Hinkle for 10 years of service in the House


Legislators: Rep. Bill Hinkle, Rep. Richard DeBolt, Rep. Joel Kretz, Rep. Maureen Walsh, Rep. Mike Armstrong

Date: March 7, 2012

Topic: Lawmakers honor Rep. Bill Hinkle for 10 years of service in the House

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With the regular session coming quickly to a close, the House of Representatives took time to say farewell to 13th District Representative Bill Hinkle, who has announced he will not be returning to the Legislature next year. John Sattgast reports from Olympia.

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Sattgast: He’s known as a “gentle giant” at the state Capitol – a man with a big heart, a big voice, and a deep caring for the district he serves. In the 10 years Bill Hinkle has been in the Washington House of Representatives, he’s gained a great deal of respect from his colleagues – both Republicans and Democrats. On Wednesday, they honored him with House Resolution 4682.

Representative Richard DeBolt:

DeBolt: “My biggest fear in life is that without Bill Hinkle, there will be less love, less compassion, less spirited debate.”

Sattgast: Representative Joel Kretz:

“You’ve been a friend since day one – a true friend. And sometimes that’s the hardest thing to find in this place is somebody you have complete trust for.”

Sattgast: Representative Maureen Walsh:

“And I’m really going to miss you big guy. And I hope you’ll come back and visit us a lot, because I learned a lot from you.”

Sattgast: And Representative Mike Armstrong:

“I will miss you on the ‘Big Guy Caucus Dinner’ that we have every year. Well, I guess I won’t, ‘cuz it will leave more for the rest of us.”

Sattgast: In total, 14 lawmakers spoke on the House floor to describe their admiration for the legislator from Cle Elum, and to wish him the best. The resolution was adopted unanimously. John Sattgast, Olympia.

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