Rep. Walsh acknowledged for her support of job creators


June 3, 2014

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Rep. Walsh acknowledged for her support of job creators

In recognition of her dedication to creating jobs and making Washington more business friendly, Rep. Maureen Walsh received the National Federation of Independent Business’ (NFIB) “Guardian of Small Business Award.” House members who earned a score of 80 percent or higher on 10 key votes during the 2013-14 sessions received the award. Walsh scored 90 percent.

According to Patrick Connor, NFIB’s Washington state director, only 69 out of the 147 state legislators received the award.

“As a long-time small-business owner herself, Representative Maureen Walsh knows firsthand the challenges and joys entrepreneurs face every day,” said Connor. “She understands the cost of adding an employee, the struggle to comply with ever-changing regulations, and the sacrifices small-business owners make to support their local community. She also knows that feeling of pride and reward you get helping others. Whether it’s giving someone a job or helping send a local team to the championships, Representative Walsh understands that Main Street is the heart of every hometown. We greatly appreciate her strong support of her fellow small-business owners, and the way she brings that experience to her decision-making in the Legislature.”

A list of award recipients and their voting records can be seen here.

“Owning and operating a restaurant, I understand the need for more reforms that reduce the burdens businesses face and allow them to expand so they can hire more workers,” said Walsh, R-Walla Walla. “It’s an honor to receive this award and support comprehensive solutions that help create jobs and promote a healthy business climate in Washington.”

NFIB has more than 8,000 Washington members and member-employers are responsible for employing more than 53 percent of Washington’s private-sector labor force.

The 2014 legislative session adjourned March 13. The 2015 legislative session will begin January 12.

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