02-12-16 RADIO REPORT: House approves Parent to Parent program expansion (audio)

Legislator: Rep. Maureen Walsh
Date Recorded: 02-12-16
Run Time: :53
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Original Bill

SUGGESTED LEAD:  House lawmakers in Olympia have approved legislation that would expand the national Parent to Parent program to all 39 Washington counties.  Ruth Johnson reports from Olympia.

(Voicer: Walsh-PARENT2PARENT-VOICER-021216.mp3 – Run time :53 seconds.)

Johnson: The program links families who have children with disabilities, introducing experienced parents to those who are new to the challenges of having a special needs child.  Representative Maureen Walsh says the connection results in less family isolation, greater confidence for parents, and an empowered start in life for kids who need it.  The cost?  About $75 thousand dollars for the statewide program.

(Voice cut: Walsh-PARENT2PARENT-CLIPA-021216.mp3 – Run time :11 seconds – Out cue: . . . tremendous impact.)

Walsh: “Being able to provide a little bit of funding to make sure there are people to connect these families within our communities.   It’s a very small amount of money for something that I think will have a tremendous impact.”

Johnson:  Walsh says the Parent to Parent program is primarily volunteer.  Funding provided in the bill, which sailed through the House on a vote of 93-3, would create a statewide structure to support the non-profit in every county.

Ruth Johnson, Olympia.

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